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BlachSolid is a fully integrated SolidWorks® add-in which purpose is to help the User in calculating and controlling manufacturing costs during sheet-metal part design in 3D CAD system. The add-in was designed and programmed together with specialists from the industry who work in SolidWorks® environment, thereby the components valuation in BlachSolid is easy and results are reliable. By working with BlachSolid, that uses information included in the model of the part prepared in “Sheet metal” tool, the designer and/or process engineer can estimate cost of material, manufacturing cost or cost of protection (covering) of the designed part.

BlachSolid has the status of DS SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner.

Cost estimation by using BlachSolid involves defining type of material, production capacity and choosing cutting operation of the model, selecting proper Calculator, complementing the selected Calculator with the information about the cost component and other data that can be taken directly from the 3D model of the part, saving the calculation on the Cost List.


BlachSolid enables the User to:

01calculate costs in the selected operation mode:
->manual – in which each component of the cost and its data are set and collected by the User,
->auto – in which components of the cost and its data are collected automatically from the default settings/values panel and from the 3D model of the part,
->before starting modeling of a sheet metal part – so called ”No model” operation mode,
->during the design – so called “Real-time” operation mode,
->after working with the whole design – so called ”Final valuation” mode;

02create many cost Analyses in one Project saved on the PC hard drive;

03add and delete references of the analyzed SolidWorks® model to the Analysis;

04set default values for cost Calculators,

05adjust parameters of the calculation to conditions prevailing in the enterprise, so that the User gets the real cost result – individual, characteristic to his own enterprise;

06generate summaries in a form of clear and readable reports.


BlachSolid v1.5.0 includes the following Calculators: Material, Cutting,     Punching, Bending, Painting, Protection: zinc plating, electroplating, hromium plating, sand blasting, blackening and Additional costs.


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