DRW->PDF/DXF macro is a generator of PDF and DXF or DWG files from 2D drawings (SLDDRW).

The macro allows you to plan the name of the generated files (1) and sort them according to the material defined in the model, sheet thickness, as well as information stored in the file properties (2). You can save the PDFs in the indicated location or in the same place as the component from which the files are generated (3).

Configure the macro according to your needs and save its settings under any name (4), and then use it by calling it from the CommandManager command bar (5) or from the BOM tab (6).

MacroSolid PDF 1

In the BOM table, you can use the columns *Path to the drawing, *PDF, *PDF - date, *Drawing - Date of last save and *Sheet format (7). Remember about the filter that will allow you to show in the BOM table only those components that have 2D drawings (8).

 MacroSolid PDF 2


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