CutListProperties it is used to supplement the properties of cut elements of welded structures in bulk. In addition to supplementing the standard properties that should be included in the cut elements of sheets metal and profiles (LENGTH, MATERIAL, ANGLE1, ANGLE2, MASS, Bounding box length, Bounding box width), the macro allows you to: copy the selected parent property, assign a subsequent number or text, create 3D bounding box. Particularly noteworthy are the additional functions that automate the property definition process, including replacing the property value according to the contents of the IfPropertiesThen.xlsx file, downloading the property value from the FromExcelBOM.xlsx file based on the name and material, or combining two properties. *Replace and *Index will be useful if you need better communication with the procurement department or ERP system.

MacroSolid CutListProperties 1

CutListProperties has a special description configurator for sheets, thanks to which you can plan a property consisting of three elements, a prefix and separators.

MacroSolid CutListProperties 2


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