You can sort the BOM table components according to the functions prepared in MacroSolid (1) or by clicking on the column header (2).

MacroSoli BOM sorting 1

The "SOLIDWORKS Tree" function reflects the order of the assembly structure tree in the SOLIDWORKS® FeatureManager.

With "Name used in BOM", the BOM table can be sorted by the name that was adopted in the Bill of Materials. This is usually the name of the file, but you can use the configuration name or your own name. A defined material - "Name used in BOM + Material" can be included in the BOM name.

Sorting by thickness as well as thickness and material is useful primarily in listing sheets.

MacroSoli BOM sorting 2

Sorting by the selected property and clicking on the column header enables sorting by any previously defined information.

When retrieving data from the model, the program classifies and tags components as: assembly, component (part), sheet metal, weldment, profile, commercial. Sorting by *Type lists the components in the following order: SHEET METAL, WELDMENTS, PROFILES, PARTS, PURCHASED, ASSEMBLY

MacroSoli BOM sorting 3


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