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01Recommended version of SOLIDWORKS® is SW2017 or higher. The functional version, i.e., whether it is SOLIDWORKS Standard, Premium or Professional, does not matter.

02Microsoft Windows 10/11.

03Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 runtime environment for applications based on the .NET Framework architecture. You may need to enable .NET Framework 3.5 components on WINDOWS. If the add-in does not load after installation, uninstall MacroSolid, enable .NET Framework 3.5, restart the computer and reinstall the add-in.

MacroSolid2023 Installation

04Microsoft Office 2013/2016/2019/2021 assuming that language versions of Windows and MS Office are the same.

05The add-in must be installed under an administrator account with SOLIDWORKS® disabled.

MacroSolid2023 Installation addin





After MacroSolid is installed, the SOLIDWORKS® task window will display the tab of the add-in's main interface, the MacroSolid command bar, and buttons on contextual toolbars.

By default, the program runs every SOLIDWORKS® session. To enable/disable the MacroSolid add-in:

01Launch the add-ins window - click Tools -> Add-Ins

02Check/uncheck the MacroSolid add-in.


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