The PicControl macro is a solution that allows you to add graphics in bulk in the editing layer of the 2D drawing sheet of the project.

The macro supports up to four graphics at the same time, the first of which is selected directly from the file access path, while the subsequent ones are selected automatically from the indicated location depending on the property value. The width, height, and x and y coordinates of the graphics placement position are defined depending on the sheet format. When adding graphics, the macro names it appropriately, thanks to which it will be able to remove, modify, replace it in the next steps. You can use the macro to control 2D drawings, e.g., company logo, watermark, signature ;)

The "Barcodes" option integrates the PicControl macro with the Barcodes macro, i.e. a 1D and 2D barcode generator. Add / update / remove barcodes, e.g. QR, from all drawings of your project with one click.

MacroSolid PicControl 2

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