SheetFormat macro – allows you to replace 2D drawing sheet formats - SLDDRT. Sheets are replaced depending on the active sheet format (A4, A3, Custom) and the type of component (for parts, for assemblies). The SheetFormat macro also allows you to replace the .sldstd file in the properties of the document responsible for storing the so-called overall design standard. The functionality can be started from the BOM tab or directly from the macro settings window on the active part, assembly or drawing document.

MacroSolid SheetFormat 1

At the level of the BOM tab, you can use the *Sheet format column and check which formats you are currently using (1). During the checking, as well as the replacement of the forms launched for the entire table (2) or for the selected component (3), compliance with the SheetFormat macro settings is checked and marked with a color in the *Sheet format column, and information is saved in the file properties, respectively, which you can view in the BOM table (4): "SheetFormat", "SheetFormatPath and "SheetFormat-Checked".

MacroSolid SheetFormat 2

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